Even though 30 years have passed since we are free, and we should think so, the topics of “sex” and sex education are still taboo subjects.
We do not intend to educate in this regard, but we believe that we can help with some tips.
It’s easy to be beautiful, it’s not just about the part where we put on a lace negligee after we’ve finished dinner and put the wine on the decanter, waiting for the evening’s story to continue in the bedroom,
To be beautiful is to give and receive pleasure. One of six women suffer from insufficient vaginal lubrication and among menopausal women, between 10% and 40% suffer from the same problem.
When the vagina is not lubricated enough, the woman feels an unpleasant sensation of irritation in the genital area.
Under these conditions, many of the daily activities become more tolerable and sexual intercourse without pleasure. In fact, after menopause, this phenomenon is the most common cause of discomfort during intercourse, a symptom called dyspareunia.
To enjoy normalcy again, we come to your aid with a product that should not be missing from your ritual:

Lubrigel Dr. Soleil lubricating gel is a lubricating gel for intimate use, which restores the harmony of the couple, making sexual intercourse easier and more pleasant.

It is a water-based gel, hypoallergenic, delicate and emollient, designed to lubricate intimate areas.
Lubrigel Dr. Soleil lubricating gel is colorless, odorless, does not stain underwear, does not cause allergies and is not spermicidal.
Use by both partners increases its effectiveness, duration and pleasure.

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