In 1991, a family of Romanian doctors together with a group of French pharmacists founded Dr. Soleil - Cosmetics.

The name was easy to choose: the family of the founding Romanian doctors is called SOARE, so I translated the profession and their name into French. Next, it was a lot of work.

We started shyly, producing a range of 6 products, in a space of only 50 sqm.

But our mission was outlined from the very beginning: the research and production of quality Romanian dermato-cosmetic products!

Dr. Soleil was the first private Romanian manufacturer of cosmetics. In addition, Dr. Soleil was the first Romanian manufacturer of sunscreen products.

Being the first, we encountered many obstacles but with a lot of passion and determination we overcame each one, so that we celebrate 24 years of activity on the Romanian market.

Over time, we have continually improved our formulas, diversified our products, introduced our products to established commercial chains, and adapted to market demands.

Since 2012, we have also stepped into the field of online, adapting to technological evolution.


The team consists of the 2 founding doctors, pharmacists, chemical engineers, trainers and logistics operators - all with experience and seniority, both in the field and in the company.


Dr. Soleil products are based on natural plant extracts. Over time, we have given up substances such as parabens to achieve a superior quality of our products.

All products are tested and have quality certificates, being notified at European level.


Dr. Soleil started with the mission to produce in Romania dermato-cosmetic products based on natural active principles.

Over time, we have been concerned with designing and offering products based on ingredients that are as natural as possible, that meet the individual needs of customers.

The strong point of the Dr. Soleil ranges consists in the quality of the products and in the excellent quality-price ratio.

Dr. Soleil's mission is to care for any skin type in a simple and healthy way.

We strongly believe that IT'S EASY TO BE BEAUTIFUL!


Quality is our first concern and it is the value we do not deviate from.

Since 2006 we are certified SR EN ISO 9001:2001, as an additional proof of the quality standards we apply. Each product is the result of a thorough research starting from the production recipe and the raw material used, to the continuous testing..