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Information presented below are intended to informs user many details about placement, use and administration of cookies used by our site. If you need more information and they are not found down, you can contact us anytime. Please to read carefully the following information: uses cookies to provide visitors an experience a lot better navigation and services adapter needs and interest to each.

Cookies give the users a nice experience to interact with site and keep up websites for offer services comfortable users because these store important information that make a better Internet browsing experience (e.g., setup the site language, keep you logged in site, keep user online banking security, keep products and in the shopping cart, etc.)

Cookies play an important role in facilitating access and delivery multiple services by user such as:

  • Customizing CERTAIN settings such as: language in which it is viewed a site, the currency in which it is expressed some prices or rates, storage options for various products (measures, other details etc) in the shopping cart (storage these options) - thus generating shopping cart flexibility

  • Cookies offer valuable feedback to site owners on how their sites are used by users thus that to be able to do them even more effective and more access for users ( for example a better functioning of the “ My Cart ” section of the Store or use correctly and efficiently to highlight some dysfunctions, so we know how to improve, can be used to provide traffic data, about visit users on the site .)

  • Allow multimedia or other applications from other sites to be included in a specific site to create a better browsing experience, more useful even more pleasant;

  • facilitating account access user and posting comments on website:

What is a "cookie"?

An "Internet Cookie" (also known as a "browser cookie" or "HTTP cookie") simply "cookie“ is a small file dimensions, consisting of letters and numbers, which will be stored on the computer, the terminal mobile or other equipment of a user accessed The Internet. The cookie is plumber through call issued by a webserver to a browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari). installed have a lifetime determined a, it will stay “Passive “, in the sense that it does not contain software programs, viruses and or spyware and will not access the information on the user 's hard drive equipment were installed, technically, only the web server that sent the cookie can access again when a user returns to the associated website webserver respectively.
Like the structure, a cookie consists of two parts: the name and the content or the value of the cookie. The cookies themselves do not ask personal information to be used in the many cases, do not personally identify internet users.

Cookie categories:

There is a followed by all categories of cookies that determine the duration of life for them:

Session cookies - A " session cookie " is a cookie that is automatically delete the user when the user close the browser.

Cookies persistent or fixed: a "persistent" or "fixed" cookie is a cookie that remains stock and in the terminal’s user until it reaches a certain expiration date (which can be within minutes, days or a few years and in the future) or until the user delete it at any time through the set of countries browser.

How can we control a cookie?

Cookies represent the central point of operation effective Internet, helping to generate good of a browsing experience, friendly and adaptable preferences and interests each user.

Cookies are administered by webservers being some FILES small txt type, can be deleted by a user at any time through the SETTING browser. (For Chrome: Tools / Options / Privacy / Allow data to be set. Explorer: Tools / Internet, Mozilla Firefox: Options / Cookies, Allow sites to set cookies, Explorer: preferences / securities).

At the moment of deletion these small files, is possible that your visit on certain sites to be extremely difficult sometimes even impossible.

Third - party cookies?

Some sections of content on some sites may be provided through the of third parties / suppliers (e.g., news box, video or advertisement). These third parties may also place cookies through the site and they are called " third party cookies" because they are not placed by the owner of the website respectively. Providers third parties must to respect also the law in force and the privacy policies of the site owner.

What kind of information is stored and accessed using cookies?

Cookies are stored inform in a small text file dimensions that allow browser recognition. This website recognizes your browser until the cookies expire a or are deleted.

Security and privacy issues

Cookies are NOT viruses! They use plain text format. They are not made up of pieces of code so they cannot be executed I can't even run. Consequently, they cannot be duplicated or reply to others networking to run or reply again. Because they can't fulfil these functions, cannot be considered viruses. Cookies can still be used for negative goals. Because stores information about users’ preferences and browsing history, both on a specific site and in many other websites, cookies can be used as a form of Spyware. Many Anti-spyware products are aware of this fact and constantly mark cookies to be deleted within anti-virus / anti-spyware removal / scanning procedures. In general browsers have built in privacy settings differently cookie acceptance levels, validity period and automatic deletion after what the user has visited a specific site.

Other security issues related to cookies

Because protection identity It is very valuable and represents the right each its internet user has the possibility of choose if declare public data with character personal or not, it is indicator to know what any implications can be created by cookies enabled. Through them are constantly transmitted in both way information between browser and website, if a person unauthorized intervenes during the transmission of data, information cookie content may be intercepted. Although very rarely, this thing is possible happen to example if the browser connects to the server using a network unencrypted (e.g., a network Wi-Fi unsecured).

SC VISION TRADING GRUP SRL is committed to s a follow provisions EU Regulation 679/2016 on protection people body and in what the private processing personal data and on free movement of these data through use of cookies through making of to smile technically and organizational appropriate acts, intended to a pun a and in application and effectively data protection principles as well as Law 190/2018 for implementation of EU Regulation 679/2016.